Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yes, I am ready to admit that I have fallen under the lace spell.

Ted asked in comments what my next project was going to be. As the Candle Flame shawl nears completion, I have been giving it some thought and have decided to knit Rachel Schnelling's Rectangle Cover Shawl. I've ordered the pattern from KnitPicks, along with 4 skeins of Alpaca Cloud (100% baby alpaca) in Midnight.

If you are on the KnitPicks mailing list, you can see a closeup of the pattern on the back cover of the June/July catalogue. The pattern has diamonds set within diamonds set within diamonds. It is a large shawl -- 84" x 27". I chose the black alpaca over the greenish-blackish-grey pictured because I thought it would be elegant and versatile. It goes with everything, after all! Black is the new black, Baby.

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Diane said...

I was eyeing this one too. What a pretty pattern. I started my first shawl after finding my lost courage(under the middle cushion of the couch next to 3 pennies, a pencil, and a couple Capt Crunch). Already frogged it and will be starting again. Really interesting learning experience.