Wednesday, September 20, 2006

She's ALIVE!

...and well, and living in Colorado!

Julie and I exchanged e-mails today. She is happilly employed doing what she loves -- working in a yarn shop and teaching people to knit! (I'm not saying which yarn shop, since I didn't ask her permission.) Best news, though, is that she's coming to Chicago at the end of October and I am going to make good on my promise of a Moroccan feast! (I'm thinking couscous with a lamb tagine! My Moroccan carrots. Olives. Homemade pita. And I don't know what for dessert. With tea.)

E-mailing felt just like the old days when we would talk and talk and talk. And laugh. Myfanwe's going to laugh at us...again... 'cuz it's just like old times.

Oh, happy day.


Kirsty said...

Shop bought baklava? Greek yoghurt and honey with sliced orange?

mc78 said...

Us South Side knitters should likewise have a happy reunion. Sometime.

Brenda Dayne said...

I'm with Kirsty on the Greek yoghurt and honey, but with toasted almonds instead of oranges. The bitterness of the almonds cuts the sweetness of the honey.

Congratulations, darling! I'm so glad you found each other.

Diane said...

Congrats on finding an old friend. Start doing some excercises to strenthen the muscles in your face so you won't be in pain from all the talking and laughing.