Sunday, July 27, 2008


Back before Norbert was born, the Lovely Myfanwe and I lived for five years in Rogers Park, a neighborhood on Chicago's far north side. We lived in a beautiful building with a crappy management company. The reason we stayed in the building was because of the great friends we made there. Fabulous friends. We knew and loved everyone. Myfanwe and I never locked our doors, and more than once came home to a neighbor asleep on the couch or watching television -- having locked themselves out of their apartment! We witnessed the marriages of some and welcomed home the children of others. We buried one of our number.

The week that Norbert was born the management company sent out notices that they were increasing the rent 25%. Everyone -- and I do mean EVERYONE -- decided to leave. Sad, but inevitable. Some moved away. Others we just lost track of.

I think about so many of our friends from back then...and I look for them often.

Twice in the last few weeks I have located old friends. And both times I was sort of thrown for a loop. Both friends were part of couples, and now both are single.

We love them still. That hasn't changed. We still love their former spouses too. But I am so sad. I can't begin to tell you. So sad.

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Cheri said...

It does make you sad doesn't it. I understand your saddness having had dear friends become single again.