Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some People Have ALl the Nerve

I've mentioned a former co-worker who treated me very badly. And I took the advice of some, though not all, of the comments and completely ignored the advisory e-mail I received.

Today, though, I received a notification from Facebook that this person wanted to be my "Friend". (I think she should have thought about that before she repeatedly tried to stab me in the back.) Her exact message said, "Would love to know how you and your family are doing and swap pics so you can see my newest addition."

Her new addition is probably a rabbit or a pup or some such. What I really suspect is that, with the economic downturn (and her full, thick beard) she isn't making enough money selling Mary Kay and wants some help getting a job.

I never understood why she didn't look for another job right away when our old firm closed. I mean, I know she said she wanted to "ride the Unemployment Train as far" as she could. (I never understood why someone would be so set on becoming a stay-at-home-mom when her kid was finally in school for a full day.) I figured she'd need the money. She's married to a low-achiever...a guy who wore a black AC/DC t-shirt to his wedding (under his tux shirt) because she told him to "wear a t-shirt underneath". Last I heard he made barely more than minimum wage after being at the same job for 10 years. AND they have to support her sister and her baby. I mean, I'd be desperate for a job. Desperate enough to try to shinny up to people I've treated terribly in the past and hope they don't remember the number of ways I've tried to screw them and their families.

I assure you that, though I may be bitter, I am not heartless. I will happy to help her. Just as soon as monkeys sprout wings and fly out of my ass.

Now all I have to decide is if I should just "ignore" her request or weather I should decline and tell her why.

Your opinions?


Sarah said...

I would just ignore it. If she was such a back stabber...you don't want to put anything in writing that could be forwarded to anyone you might both know.

Take the quiet road, hard as it may be!

Happy New Year.

blueyed wench said...

I'd just ignore. Why stir up internet drama llamas?

MINItron said...

Personally I would say a little prayer for her Mother (going back to the last post about this person), and ask G-d for the fortitude to ignore her. I personally tend to try to avoid confrontational situations such as this. She really is nothing to you now.

This is definitely a time for the old adage: Once bitten, twice shy.

Leslie said...

My vote is ignore.

organizer2003 said...

Sounds like you've pegged it dead on. The only reason she is in touch is because she wants something from you. I too think you should just ignore it.

Does she have your phone number? You should let all numbers you don't know go to voice mail, so you don't accidentally pick up her call.

Good luck on this.

Nephele said...

So far the votes tend toward 'ignore' but honestly? I'd decline with a simple "no thanks" message. If you get specific in your message you will likely stir up drama.