Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Took Math for Music Majors


I have 69 stitches on the needle. I need to increase 22 stitches in one row.

Maybe I'm loosing my mind -- I used to be able to figure this out -- but for the life of me, I can't. Can someone tell me -- in the simplest language possible (I'm VERY dim this week) -- how to affect this. I though it was after every 3 stitches, but that wasn't even. and I ended up off center. I've ripped back, but don't want to go through that again if my feeble brain is just going to spasm again. So I thought I'd ask The Blog for help.

May the Force be With You.


Anonymous said...

Hey Aidan!

I worked it out on knitters graph paper and you were right the first time. The number of increases plus one "for the pot" should give you a centered number, but not necessarily a YO smack in the center of your work, if that makes any sense.

Since you're working with an odd number of stitches, I'm guessing you want a YO-K-YO in the center of the work, so here's what you'll want to do:

The original number of stitches between increases is 3. For just the center, you are decreasing the number of stitches between increases to 1, which leaves you 2 stitches unaccounted for in the original math. So what do you do? In order to achieve balance (ohmmmm), add one stitch to each edge. Once you start knitting, here's what you'll do:

k4, YO, [k3, YO] ten times, k1, YO, [k3, YO] ten times, k4.

I always double-check my math by adding up the stitches in the row:
k3x20 = 60
k4x2 = 8
k1 = 1
YOx20 +2 = 22
Total: 91


TA said...

aw man, she got here first! anyway, she is right. the formula i came up with is
K1, (K3M1)x11, center stitch, (M1K3)x11, K1 which is just another way of saying what she said. What are you making? Can't wait to see it.


Aidan said...

Thank you both! I've had a really crappy, high-stress day. But I'm home now, I have ordered Chinese for delivery, and as soon as Norbert's trombone lesson is over, I plan to eat, put on my jammies, fix a pot of tea, and relax.

Cheri said...

I knew that you knit this and I was wondering....if I add a repeat to the width, how many stitches would I have to add for the edging? Is there some sort of mathmatical equation that I'm supposed to know (I think I was absent that day).

Aidan said...

Cheri: you should know better than this. I read and reread you comment, and tried to figure it out. But, to quote Barbie, "Math is hard!" Then I realized I didn't know what pattern we were taling about. Then I rocked back and forth for a few minutes sucking my thumb!

So what is the patern?

Cheri said...

Oh for the love of Pete, I mustn't have had my coffee when I typed my question...I looked at your reply and thought "I KNOW I mentioned the pattern" (in my imagination). It would be the "Triinu" scarf which says 69 stitches increase 22 stitches evenly....but if I add another repeat to make it wider then I would have 90 stitches, but would I only increase 1 stitch, or is there a magic formula that says I have to increase more (am I making any sense at all as at this hour I'm not really sure). I'm sure glad that you're patient!