Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I spent the evening at Loopy Yarns, and I had a perfectly lovely time. Loopy celebrated Christmas in July -- Santa was there and passed out gifties to all the good little knitters. (Santa had an elf with him. I thought elves were short and looked like Jeane Kirkpatrick, but this one was tall, thin, and -- I don't think my wife will feel threatened by this observation -- he was more than a little bit hunky. Who knew?)

Anyway, I bought a bit of yarn. Possibly enough to keep me in stitches for the remainder of 2009. I bought:

3 skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace in color 1407, Amethyst Heather;
2 skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace in color 1411, Turtle;
3 skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace in color 1409, Caribbean Heather; and
2 skeins of Malabrigo Lace in Glazed Carrot.

Technically the Turtle doesn't count as yarn for ME, as I bought it as a gift for someone.

My plan is to knit the Amethyst Heather next. (The Ostrich Plume -- which is also known as the Lace Dream Shawl) And although it is probably not the best color to be working on while in Ireland, I think I will start an Ishbel in the orange Malabrigo just before we leave for Dublin. That way I'll have several inches of mindless stockinette to knit on the plane.

Have I mentioned that I am terrified of flying...because I can't stand the thought of 12 hours without my Signature Arts needles? I knit lace on 7", stilleto-tipped needles, and I have heard conflicting stories about whether or not I will be able to take them on the plant. If anyone has flown Aer Lingus with pointy needles since the cowardly acts of September 11th, would you please drop me a line and let me know what your experience was like?



Leslie said...

Malabrigo Glazed Carrot - possibly my #1 favorite color in the knitisphere. I should think it would be hard to use 14" worth of straights in an airplane seat anyhow.

I've heard of people having no problem with wooden needles of late, but the stiletto tips may pose a problem. You might have to resolr to sock knitting on wooden dpns...

Katie said...

Hi Aiden - Long time lurker here! I've enjoyed your posts - knitting and not.

I've (inadvertantly) traveled with a collection of tiny DPNs - 00s - 2s - and was let through security with nary a raised brow. It isn't the airline (on our end anyway) - it's the TSA you have to worry about. I've traveled fairly frequently with circs and DPNs and have never had a problem. Of course, I also take along a large, pre-addressed padded envelope just in case they ever say no and I have to send them home! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aiden

I go to Ireland about once a year and I've had no problem with Aer Lingus regarding needles. They did take my little scissors though. Have a great time!

CC Mary