Friday, August 21, 2009


We leave for Ireland tomorrow!

Our bags are packed -- for the most part. I still have to decide which knitting project to take with me. I have the Lace Dream shawl on the needles, the Ishbel I'm knitting for Myfanwe, and a scarf I'm knitting for myself out of Koigu KPPPM in #P710. (I loved the yarn in a skein, bought it, then hated it once it was wound into a ball. But now that it is on the needles, knitting up, I'm completely in love with it.) I don't normally knit for myself, but I really do love the way this looks knit.

Anyway, in the morning we will do some last minute tidying -- Lil Myfanwe and Gale are staying with the kitty -- and then leave for synagogue for a bat mitzvah. We'll leave the bat mitzvah 15 minutes early to meet our ride to the airport. And from there? Dublin, Ireland!

I'll post pictures when I can. Until them, here is a topic to discuss in the comments: I wish President Obama would say the following in public: "Sarah Palin is a liar. If you believe her, you deserve to be lied to. Don't ask me to comment on Sarah Palin again. I don't have time for lightweights -- we have serious problems and we need serious minds. And that ain't Sarah."


Nina said...

All the best on a fantastic trip to Ireland. And thank you for putting so succinctly into words, what I have been feeling for days about the Sarah P. stuff. AARGH!

anne marie in philly said...

why doesn't sarah climb back under the rock from whence she came?

the words "brains" and "sarah" should not be used together in the same sentence.

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding her quitting the AK governor's chair.

in other news, have a splendid trip to ireland!

Terri said...

Have a great trip!

The day Obabma says those words I will do a happy little jig on my roof.