Sunday, August 08, 2010


Myfanwe and I spent the weekend together at Shell Cottage sans Norbert, who is at camp. We went to hear Uncommon Folk at the band shell in the park and took a wonderful picnic of grilled pork (don't tell my Rabbi), sliced tomatoes, marinated green beans, some perfect melon, lemonade, and peach cobbler. We ran into a former colleague of Myfanwe's, Fakurdi, and her husband and son and ended up staying well after the concert was over. If the mosquitoes hadn't gotten so thick, I think we would have stayed even longer! They have a house nearby, so we'll be able to take up again soon.

So. This spring we had all the raggedy bushes in front of Shell Cottage ripped out and I planted 6 hedge roses (Rosa Rugosa) in front of the house. I wanted a low maintenance, healthy rose. When the roses came, they really looked like nothing more than sticks poking out of the ground. Not a surprise -- I knew and was expecting it. And I expected that they would bloom for the first time next year or possibly even the year after. So you can imagine my reaction to this:

I hope it will be in bloom when we are there next. If it is, I'll update the pics! Have a good week!


blueyed wench said...

Ooh lovely looking! Hooray for green things surprising us!

Leslie said...

Delightful surprise! And you can make jam out of the rose petals, did you know that? Norma Miller ( has talked about hers for years. Yes, THAT Norma of "Now Norma Knits".

It's nice to see you writing to us again. thanks.

sue said...

Nice to have you back and writing again! I planted roses when I first moved into my house and they bloomed the first year, but nothing like they are doing now, 3 years later! Hope yours are in full bloom next year. Enjoy whatever you get this year.