Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I want this.

Stephanie Pearl McPhee has one.  And all week long she has been rubbing it in my face.  I can hear her now.  "Oh, look at this book full of psycho-complicated lace made with painfully thin yarn!  Just the kind Aidan would love if he had this book!  But he doesn't!  Ha!"

OK.  Maybe she hasn't been saying EXACTLY that.  But it is something really close.  Don't you think?

So.  What else is new? 

I made a batch of chocolate and goat cheese truffles, flavored with just a splash of Irish Whiskey.  That was yum.  Oh, did I mention I made the goat cheese?  I'm not back with the goat until a weekend after next, but I expect to make a double batch of cheese -- this time I think I'll make some crottin and some Sainte Maure -- both are aged, mold-ripened cheeses which become sharper in flavor and more complex with age and culture.

I've only knit two rows of my shawl.  It just really hurts my wrist, even with the splint.  I miss knitting.  Oh, and kneading bread. 


Dragons Knitting Lace said...

Change the hand you wrap yarn with. If you pick then throw. If you throw then pick. I have sever carpal tunnel and changing the way I manipulated the yarn made a tremendous difference.

Susan said...

I want that book too, Lord knows I have enough lace weight to warrant the purchase. Now if I find the fountain of youth it will be win win.
Those truffles sound absolutely divine.

Nina said...

Wow, I am impressed! Where do you age your cheeses?

Aidan said...

I have a small refrigerator -- about 3 feel tall -- that normally serves as the butter fridge. (Shut up.) I wiped out the inside well with a sanitizing solution (bleach and water)then another time with salt water, to get rid of all of the bleach. With the thermostat set at the highest setting it gives me a temperature between 50 and 55 degrees. To increase humidity, I place a pan of brine underneath to increas humidity without encouraging bad bacterial growth.