Saturday, June 02, 2012


Dear Blog:

I haven't been ignoring you.  I've been busy.  But I've thought about you every day.

I have been knitting a Wingspan scarf/shawl -- whatever you want to call it -- in a bright, feisty colorway.  It's for a gift, so I can't show you a picture yet.  I'm almost done -- I may finish today -- and if I do, I'm casting on a Damask in a charcoal grey merino/silk sock yarn.  That will keep me busy for a few weeks.

I am at the cottage as I type, and feeling a little discombobulated.  We had a roofing salesman in to give us a quote on a new roof.  (He's putting a roof on out neighbors' house today -- hammer hammer bang ban yell yell.)  His quote was twice his nearest competitor, but of course he told me all the reasons why every other job would be crap that will need to be re-done in 7 years.  I don't HAVE twice the money as his competitor.  So now I feel bad about myself AND I feel like I'm doomed to failure.  And I love this house so much, I want to keep her safe and dry.

The garden is planted -- got the last stuff in last weekend -- and all I have yet to do is to put down a layer of dog hair and top it off with straw for mulch.  I'm going to wait to do that until the sun is a little further down though. 

Melanoma Awareness Month has finally ended.  My friends will be relieved -- no more pushy reminders to stay out of the sun and to check sunscreen for the expiration date.  (Or to only buy sunscreen marked "broad spectrum" -- this is important.)  I go for my next checkup in 2 weeks, and I am determined to be cancer-free.

'Til next time, stay safe, dry, and cool. 


Leslie said...

So how many quotes have you had? And what's this badmouther's reputation? I've never trusted (and have always ALWAYS been proven correct) contractors who bad mouth the competition. Just sayin'.

p.s. what about a nice metal roof? They're so pretty and shed snow so easily.

Scott said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Leslie on this.

Scott said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Leslie on this one.

cinmar11 said...

I just checked in to see if you were back to blogging. You are, I am glad. I have missed reading your blog posts. Glad that you are still knitting. I am attempting to knit EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket. God Bless you and your family.