Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I am really swelled up with pride. My brother, Mark O'Brien, lives in our hometown of Springfield, Illinois and has been retired for a couple of years. Recently he started a non-profit, Pretty City - Springfield , to assist the elderly and economically challenged in poor neighborhoods of Springfield with yard maintenance and cleanup. The area he is focusing on was always working class, but has known hard times for about the last 30 years, since the Fiat-Allis plant closed. The population is also aging, which only compounds the problem.

(There is a Donations button on the web site if you feel like contributing!)

Too many people see refuse in a ditch or building up against a home and either judge the landowner uncharitably or wonder why "someone" doesn't do something about it. I am very proud that my brother looked at the problem and said "I could help these people."

Pay it forward, my friends. Pay it forward.

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Helen said...

How marvelous!
I'm occaisionally in Springfield for work. Nice town, over all. (with TWO count 'em TWO yarn stores).