Monday, April 10, 2006



My laptop died on Thursday, my home PC fell victim of a power outage Friday evening, and I've been completely out of touch for what seems like forever.

Saturday we had a late start, and were so late for the children's concert at the CSO (The Magic Flute) that I dropped Myfanwe and Norbert off and, not having time to park and still make the concert, hied myself to Loopy Yarns to spend an hour and a half of decadent knitting time! An unexpected treat!

I completed the Mock Croc Socks and cast on a sock in Sockotta, a cotton/wool blend, for the lovely Myfanwe. The colorway includes green, teal, and a bit of a denim-ish blue. They'll be booties, which I've never done before, but I'm sure I can figure I can wing it.

I probably won't have the time or opportunity to post again until after Passover and/or the computers are repaired or replaced. Or when I'm back at work next week. But know that I'm thinking about y'all.

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