Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Home is the Sailor...

Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

Wow! It has been a while! My laptop is still dead, and the home PC is only half alive. But instead of making excuses, I'll just dive on in and bring everyone up to speed.

Let's see...


When last we met I was finishing up the Mock Croc Socks as a hostess gift for our Passover hostess. They went over well, and during Passover I cast on a pair of booties for the lovely Myfanwe in a bright Sockatta teal/purple/denim colorway. I was almost finished with the first sock when I decided it was too big, so I ripped it back and started over. I'm very glad I did. Myfanwe, who was a little wary about socks with wool content, enjoys them very much.

Next I began a pair of simple black socks in stockinette stitch intended as half of a wedding present for our wonderful friends Emily & Maxine, whose wedding is on the 21st. I was really freaked out about having enough time -- it seems that at a leisurely pace one sock takes me about a week, and I had two weeks to do 2 pair!

I originally started the sock in moss stitch, which I wasn't enjoying at all, as it took forever and it was difficult to see the stitches in the coal black yarn. As I neared the heel flap I noticed a mistake near the start of the pattern, so I decided to rip it all the way back and rework it in stockinette.

On Sunday I completed the first sock (including kitchener) while walking in the Hyde Park Walk With Israel, and cast on and had completed several rows of ribbing by the end of the walk! My friend NancyKwik was encouraging, saying she could do a sock in 4 days. So I focused my energy and finished the second sock in 59 hours!

I immediately cast on for the second pair, which I am ignoring at the moment to update the blog, but which will certainly occupy a great deal of my attention in a few minutes.


After hearing about the second annual World Wide Knit in Public Day (June 10, 2006) on Brenda Dayne's podacst, I volunteered to organize the Chicago event. I involved a bunch of Chicago's knitting leaders (or is that leading knitters?) and we nailed down the framework of a fun event. Franklin Habit is going to do the flyer for the event, which is a real coup.

I must get back to my socks. More soon.


Diane said...

Hopefully Franklin will do this on the down low because if Doris hears about it the Chicago KIP day will be quite interesting.

Cat said...

Welcome back you were missed.

Aidan said...

Y'all so sweet, Cat. I missed talking o everyone.