Friday, June 09, 2006


World Wide Knit In Public Day!
June 10, 2006

I have absolutely no reservations about knitting in public. Knitting anywhere, actually. I've knit in some out-of-the-ordinary places:

While driving down Lake Shore Drive
During surgery on my feet -- very soothing, really.
In a movie theater...during the movie.
In a live theater -- during the performance
During a concert given by the Illinois Brass Band
During lectures in college (only unusual because it was the 80's and I am a guy.)
In the Home Depot
Hotel Lobbies. (Not while a guest -- I work within a short walk of several 4-star hotels. They provide a beautiful, elegant place to knit over a lunch hour.)
At Synagogue. Not during services, though. Myfanwe wouldn't allow such a thing.

There are still many, many places I would like to knit:

  • More than anywhere, I'd like to knit in the White House. I think that would be great fun. I'd knit on something memorable -- maybe a shawl or sweater...but not socks...they'd wear out. Something that could be handed down. "Your grandfather spent an evening at the White House once and knit on this shawl...I wore it at my wedding, and you'll wear it at yours..." Sounds stupid, but it is what it is.
  • Sitting by the fire of a baronial manor somewhere in Scotland. Preferably when it is raining outside and with a proper cuppa tea on the side table. Maybe listening to a Harry Potter book on the iPod. Wouldn't that be heaven?
  • At the Eiffel Tower. And the Jardin des Tuileries. And at a curbside table at a dozen or so bistros in Paris. And fireside in a Chateaux in the winter. Maybe listening to a Jacqueline du Pres recording on the iPod.
  • At the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Knitting is, at least for me, a prayerful experience. I rarely knit without a recipient in mind, and I try to only knit for people I love. Every stitch contains a prayer...a wish...a hope. And wouldn't it be wonderful to sit back and watch the people come to the Wall and pray? I think that would be really grand.
  • Even though I lived in New York, I didn't knit so brazenly in public then. I would like to knit in Times Square, at the UN, at the B&H Dairy restaurant, on the Staten Island Ferry, at Ellis Island, and at a Broadway theater. Since Myfanwe and I are taking Norbert to New York in August, I think I'll be able to check these off of the list.
So where do YOU want to knit?


Jen said...

I'm pretty "out" with my knitting -- I'll knit anywhere! I wish I could knit during face to face meetings. But I do knit on phone conference calls!

See you on Saturday -- I'll be there!

Diane said...

I'd like to knit at my 100th birthday party with my husband at my side, surrounded by my children, grandchildren and maybe a great grandchild or two.

DianeS said...

I've been thinking on how to knit (successfully) while floating in our pool on a warm, summer day.

Elisabeth said...

I want to knit during my thesis defense. I suspect it won't happen, though.

See you tomorrow!

Cortster said...

I already knit pretty much anywhere/everywhere I go. The place that raises the most eyebrows is the ladies room at work. (Hey, I can knock off a few rows pretty quickly there, what?)

Cafe Moutard in Park Slope, New York was one of my favorites. Sitting in the sunlight, with my daugther and her lovely lady and my sis, sipping a glass of wine. Life is good.

So, I guess it's a matter of getting my body and trusty knitting bag to the desired destinations: a Paris cafe, Grand Canyon, a white beach (North Carolina?), a snow covered ski slope kinda area after having sledded (I don't know how to ski, alas)...I guess anywhere, really.

Love your blog, 'Wobbles!

Rachel said...

You must take Franklin to Jerusalem with you to take a professional photo of your knitting session at the Western Wall. As I write this I see a man knitting between all them "black" prayers there, it can be a spectacular photo! I sure hope the guards will let you take in the needles though,,,, shalom :)

Oh my,,, and I have the same plan as dianes,,,

Rachel said...

I can't find a link to email you so I use this instead. About my previous comment, please change my "black" to a more appropriate term, I am a rude Israeli living in the Arizona desert and I forgot for a minute this term is not kosher, so I want to apologise! I did refrain from my usual nickname of pinguins to them though, hmmm,,, I don't like religious fanatics of any kind!

Aidan said...

What a splendid idea, Rachel. Jerusalem with Franklin! He'll be able to explain all of the architecture and everything of historical value. And if Dolores comes along, she'll be able to direct us to any Israeli Totty!

Rachel said...

Sorry Aidan, I don't think Doloers will have even a minuts for you boys in Jerusalem with all them good looking young soldiers all over :)

Let me know before you go there, I can think about a few other spectacular places to knit in my beloved Jerusalem (I spent most of my life there). Or maybe you and your honorable group will need a guide fluent in Hebrew? :)

Lynette said...

i'd knit anywhere/anytime. maybe not in church.

thanks again for hosting such a great event. i look forward to knitting with you anytime!!!

helen said...

Actually, I guess this is really just a question of where would I like to go, as I can't imagine wanting to go somewhere where I wouldn't want to knit (except perhaps during a massage).
I'd like to knit on a barge trip through the British Isles - slowly watching ths scenery go by, and stopping periodically to investigate a new town, where I'd knit in the pub.
I'd like to knit at the Rehearsal Dinners for my daughters' weddings, frantically finishing something I'd block over night for them to wear the next day.
I'd like to be at peace enough with my parents' deaths that I can knit at their funerals, catching up memories with each stitch on a garment with which I'd later wrap myself in their love.
Getting maudlin, stopping now.

Theresa said...

Hi Aiden -- it was nice to get the chance to meet you this weekend. Thanks for organizing the event!

Michelle said...

It was great to meet you on Saturday, Aidan! Thanks for your hard work in setting the day up. I don't think anyone yelled at you at all! :)

Bonne Marie said...

I had a wonderful time at the KIP! Thanks for your leadership and watching out for those lambies at the Cultural Center!