Thursday, June 15, 2006


Certain to go down in history as the Great Woolmarket Riot of 2006, World Wide Knit In Public Day was a resounding success! Uppity knitters from across the metropolitan area converged on Millennium Park and, because of the damp and chill, a few spent time in our rain location in the magnificent, Tiffany-domed Chicago Cultural Center. But one and all had the audascity to pull out their needles and...(gasp!)...KNIT! (Some people know no shame!)

Pictures tell it better than I can, but I want to once again thank all of the wonderful people who helped organize and promote the event. Their efforts resulted in a wonderful event. To quote Noel Coward, "I couldn't have liked it more."

This handsome schmoodle is my very own Norbert. He sat quite contentedly, knitting and whistling. My cup runneth over with pride.

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Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much for organizing! Gotta love when you become such apublic spectacle, the tourists start taking pictures of you....

I think the picture of that guy should become your official Stitches 'n Britches publicity photo. It just screams, "Real Men Knit."