Saturday, December 09, 2006

No Excuse, Really.

I have absolutely no excuse for having failed to post in a month. Well, except for trying to juggle a greatly increased workload and very stressful deadlines at work and a very busy family life. But aside from that I have no excuse.

After services at synagogue this morning we came home, took a wee nappie, then hied ourselves to Target to battle the holiday hoards. You see, Daddy needed a new digital camera. One that actually took pictures.

After Target we drove to Chinatown, where we had a pleasant meal at The Noodle. The bones of said meal can be seen below, utilizing the camera's sepia setting.

The bakery found us back in color, ordering three different kinds of coconut bun. I think the woman who waited on us was thinking "Damn! Who would have thought while people liked coconut so much!" We do. And, given their beauty, who wouldn't?

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