Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Something's Buggin' Me

I've spent a week working through the worst stomach flu I've ever known. Terrible. I'm completely wiped. And, as if my wasn't feeling bad enough, it weakened my immune system enough so I could be trounced again by the rear guard -- this time a hacking cough that prevents me from sleeping any way but sitting up.

I'm now thinking that my first expedition into the outside world should not have been a Target After-Christmas sale. I started coughing about 20 feet inside the door, and after about 5 minutes Myfanwe thought I was going to pass out.

Then, while Norbert, Myfanwe, and I were standing in the check-out lane, we witnessed a woman about 10 lanes from us beating a little girl with a belt. The little girl was screaming and fell to the floor, where the woman commenced kicking her. People actually looked away, as if it witnessing this crime were embarrassing rather than mortifying.

No one sprang to the girl's defense.

I called 911, but the woman left the store before police got there.

And I can't help but think that if that woman had put an eighty-five cent candy bar into her pocket, Target would have called the police. Do you think they have a policy not to intervene when someone beats their child with a belt and kicks them in the abdomen?

Somewhere there is a little girl whose mother beats her and kicks her. I can't do anything for her. And this realization makes me crazy.


Diane said...

And if this Mother does that in public imagine what that child is subjected to in private. It just makes you sick to think about what that little one thinks life is all about.

I decided long ago to step in on behalf of children after watching a woman's boyfriend go nuts on a 2 yr old in line at the grocery store at 10 pm. I figured hey if he hits me I'll have him arrested but I will not stand here and watch him scream and threaten a child who should have been sleeping hours ago.

And shame on the Target managers.

Anonymous said...

I think it's sad that you yourself are complaining about the behavior of those other people when you yourself could and should have spoken up and done something besides call 911.

I would have taken the belt from her hand.

Aidan said...

You don't think that was part of my anguish, you cowardly anonymous asswipe? You don't think that ever might have crossed my mind? You don't think I've had nightmares about that?

I also had the responsibility to protect MY child. And I decided, rather than drag him 100 fee while I confronted a strager who could possibly have a knife or gun, I would do the best think I could think of which still ensured the safety of my child. I called the police. So lick my balls.

You will notice that I SIGNED this comment. Don't leave anonymous comments, Pussbag.

Robin said...

I agree with you Aidan!! You have to protect you and yours first and foremost!! I think I would have done what you did, if I had my child with me. Of course, since my kids are now men, they probably would have ganged up on her and gave her a little of what she was giving........ (not that I raised them to beat people up, but to protect and defend defenseless children and people who can't defend themselves)