Thursday, April 12, 2007


We are headed out today to my brother-in-law's wedding, at which I will serve as best man and Norbert will serve as Junior Groomsman.

But I couldn't leave town without saying a few things about my first three days at work.

I think I am going to be happy here.

Everyone I have met has been friendly. I've already gotten some interesting new cases. My partner and I share a secretary who is an absolute spitfire and can do almost anything. My new office is big enough for a chair for a visitor, and I have two large walls which are screaming out for real art. (Anyone got any framed Chinese landscapes laying around the attic?)

Oh -- and yesterday was my first Wednesday. The firm provides breakfast. It was positively Bacchanalian. Way too much to choose from. Although I did manage to get intimate with a chocolate muffin!

I'll write more when we are back.


hugs said...

Mazel tov to the bride and groom! I hope everybody had a great time at the wedding and nobody fell off of their chair.

Wednesday breakfast sounds delicious.

Leslie said...

The situation at the new firm sounds QUITE positive :) You may indeed have found a new home.

You've given me a smile for the day so I thank you and wish you a grand weekend.

Sarah HB said...

Glad things are working out well at the new job!

annking in PDX said...

Welcome back, have been checking in at times to see how the story unfolds. I became a fan when I discovered your fashion commentary.

Debbie said...

I know this is kind of late, but I just heard your story on the podcast, Cast On about trying to find your friend, Julie. I am also trying to find a long lost friend and know what you were/are going through.

So, I was wondering if you ever found your friend.