Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Rabbitch Lexicon

I don't know if you read Rabbitch, but if you don't, you should. And if you do, well, you probably need to have your mouth washed out with soap. But taking into consideration the whole "glass houses" and "throwing stones" shit, I'm not the one to break out the Fels Naptha.

Rabbitch's writing is like a modern day Virginia Wolff...who knits. And dyes. And drinks. And curses. A lot. She doesn't seem to do anything in moderation. I like that in a person. I love reading her descriptions of mundane things. She makes them vital and universal and pants-wettingly funny.

Anyway, Rabbitch, bless her foul little mouth, taught me a new word today, and a perfectly glorious word at that. Knat. The past tense of knit. Knit, knat, have knat. Isn't that lurvly? It has a sort of Dr. Seusian ring to it.

I sat and knat and talked to my cat.

That's how I got fat.

You butt*%$^#@* little a&%wipe.

Wait. That doesn't rhyme. Oh, wtf -- it's modern verse.

Do you think Camel Douche is lace weight? (I'm only ever buying lace weight yarn. It goes a long way, knitting lace is challenging, and it is easier to hide small skeins of stash from the disapproving eyes of Myfanwe!) Camel Douche! Where does she come up with this stuff?

Rabbitch made me smile today. As Christopher Robin would say, "G-d bless Rabbitch and make her good." Well, maybe not good. I like it best when she is bad.

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Rabbitch said...

Thank you. And no, it's worsted weight. I'll have something nasty in laceweight soon though, I promise.