Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ride on The Peace Train

A friend of mine wrote a posting about the need to remain civil in the blogosphere...that this is a small world and knitbloggers are a tight-knit community thereof.

Within the comments to her post were a number of people who would have me believe that persons who frequent knitblogs are an uncharitable, uncaring, insult-hurling lot. And I am sure there are a number of people like that.

I'll admit, my first response was to write her and ask her if it was me. I mean, let's face it, I'm no saint. Even after she assured me that it wasn't me, I went back and read everything I've written here. And then I started reading the comments.

Even if there are a bunch of nasty arsemarmots out there trying to ruin a good thing, my experience of knitbloggers is that the vast majority -- 999 out of 1000, perhaps -- are the most wonderful, considerate, caring, forgiving, accepting, lovely people. (Yes, I'm talking about you -- don't blush. You know I am.)

I don't get a lot of negative comments on my blog. But if I do, I try to be honest and determine if it is deserved, if it is constructive, or if it is owned. (To paraphrase Abby Bartlett, "Don't bring me anonymous comments, C.J. Anonymous comments make me crazy.") If it isn't any of those three things, I delete it. And I don't feel bad.

And, while I admit to being a little harsh on Anna Nicole Smith's mother, and I have said some pretty strong things about some books or designs, upon review, I don't think there is much here that I wouldn't say in person.


Diane said...

My thinking has always been this, "My blog and I'll write whatever I choose to write." I'm not mean spirited but I do type my mind.

I've scanned a lot of blogs and a couple have not been my cup of tea so I just didn't go back. The writer of the blog is entitled to their opinion and it's my choice whether to visit or not.

So say what you want. At least you are not hiding behind that stupid anonymous title to snipe at others.

hugs said...

I would really enjoy seeing you and Anna Nicole's mom hurling insults at each other. I might pay money to see it.

knitography said...

"arsemarmot" is my new favourite phrase. Unfortunately in response to the Yarn Harlot's post, many people seem to be confusing 'civility' with 'never disagreeing or offering criticism' which I'm not sure was the point.

Leslie said...

Aiden, you've been posting so infrequently lately it couldn't possibly have been you! I hope all is going well and your problems, whatever they may be, are resolving in a satisfactory manner. You're in those little prayer bits I send to to the power on a semi-frequent basis.