Thursday, August 09, 2007


OK -- let's start with an admission that Debra Messing makes me laugh. Not twitter -- laugh. Long and hard. The she puts on this beautiful gown -- you seldom see saffron colored linen semi-saris...I think because the Krishna folks sorta had the saffron robe market to themselves.

Anyway, look at the cardi she's sporting. I love the third shade of the same color. I love the
texture and anchor it gives the look. And I like the fact that, even though the camera adds five pounds (more than the sweater) Ms. Messing though "Oh, WTF. I'm skinny. I can handle them.)


I have finished knitting the prayer shawl. It was a lovely experience, and I wish I could have knitted it more. But I immediately cast on a scarf for my friend Sheribel's Mom, known as Grandma R. Grandma R. is 93 years old. (Which is young and sprightly compared to her boyfriend, who is 99. )

I can't really relate, since I haven't really ever been cold.


With the leftover baby alpaca,
I have cast on a feather and fan scarf for Grandma R. who said she is always cold, and she ofter wears a scarf, even in summer, to keep her neck warm. It goes fast, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

More soon.

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mc78 said...

Hey! Where are the prayer shawl photos? I was eagerly anticipating.