Tuesday, August 21, 2007


...Or at Least a Long Weekend in August

We started with a Bride and Groom...

We had some vows...lovely vows written by the Bride and Groom.

The wedding was at Lincoln Memorial Gardens in Springfield, Illinois -- a lovely setting on Lake Springfield. Lots of wildflowers. The weather could not have been more cooperative. After the ceremony, the new couple went to the Illinois State Fair and went down the Giant Slide together. A rather accurate metaphor for marriage.

Then we had some cake. Oh, there was other food, but let's cut to the chase. There was cake.

My favorite niece, Kate, was back from a year in Thailand just in time for her brother's wedding. She will be living close to me, so I will get to shower her with baked and knitted goods.

Her mother, my SIL,Laurie, was there. She raised four really incredible children -- all of them good at heart and quick of mind. I am in awe of her.

My brother, Dennis, was there, along with my favorite niece, Betsy. Betsy and Kate sang at the wedding. They are both talented and accomplished vocalists. And they sound so lovely together -- Kate's soprano blends so well with Betsy's warm alto.

The next day we took Norbert to the Illinois State Fair where we spent much time in the Dairy Building in the company of the famous Butter Cow. And the Butter Calf. And this year there was the Butter Girl, the Butter Dog, the Butter Owl, the Butter Snake and the Butter Books. All in all a rich experience. Get it? Butter...rich...

Anyway -- while at the Fair we got to spend some quality time with my brother, Mark, and his wife, Paulette. I love this picture, and it sure proves G-d knew what he was doing when he gave my mother five boys...'cuz Mark makes about the uglies little girl I have ever seen.


Before we left, I cast on for a modified Kimono Shawl using a light lace weight from Knitpicks. On Friday, before the rehearsal dinner, Myfane, Norbert and I went the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. While sitting in a theater waiting for a movie to start, I realized I had cast on the wrong number of stitches...and knit a dozen rows. So I quickly designed a shoulder shawl in my head and kept knitting. The image above is my rudimentary drawing of the shape. (I feel SOOOOO 21st Century.) I think it will be beautiful. I'll keep you posted.


mc78 said...

Didn't the wax arm hanging from Lincoln's childhood loft creep you out?

Diane said...

That's a great way to spend a long weekend. And really why do they serve anything other than just cake at weddings? Just plop down a huge piece of cake in front of me and you can keep the ziti and wilting salad.