Sunday, September 23, 2007

Needs vs Wants

I am an incredibly lucky man. Incredibly lucky.

I have absolutely everything I need. Everything. I am well fed, I have a great job, a wife and son who love (wife) or tolerate (son) me. I have a lovely home, good pans, sharp knives, and food is plentiful. My stash -- though not large -- is full of lovely yarns. Our water is clean. My health is decent. I have access to some of the best doctors in Chicago. b G-d has been very, very good to me.

That said, I am still incredibly greedy and have a list of some things I want. Please feel free to print off, photocopy, and distribute. I'm providing links where possible.

1. A 6 burner stove. This is the big-ticket. I dream about it. A lot.

2. A ball winder. I know -- it's WAY high end, but it's like a BMW -- smooth and sexy.

3. Cashmere and silk lace yarn. In Eau de Nil. And Terracotta. (I'll knit two shawls, thank you very much.) What a joy that would be.

4. Addi Lace Turbo circulars -- in every size. Oh, wouldn't that make life so much easier!

5. I'd like to take Norbert to Europe. It is the one area of his education where I feel I have failed. I want to take him to Ireland and France and Greece.

6.A large collection of folk music..50's and 60's stuff mostly.

7. I want to have more money so I could afford to give away more. I know plenty of people my age who don't think philanthropy is a responsibility for this generation. But I think that it is both a practice which must be developed over time, and that everyone should do their part.

8. I wish so very much that I could afford to fly Myfanwe to New York so that she could go to one of those famous bra shops to be properly fitted for and actually purchase bras that fit and are comfortable.

9. I want someday to own a little land just barely out of town where I can keep chickens. I would escape there weekly and bake cakes and eat omelets and fried egg sandwiches.

10. I would like, just once, to walk into a clothing store like Hugo Boss or other high-end designer and not have to worry about be treated with respect. Fancy places don't like fat people. Oh, I would love to have a well made suit...and a blue blazer.


Sarah HB said...

There has got to be a specialty store in Chicago for bras. I feel Myfanwe's pain and have had good luck going to a small, independent bra shop. They fit you and will even order a special size if they don't have one that fits with no requirement to buy.

Good luck with the 6 burner stove!!!

Sherrill in Portland, OR said...

A two hundred dollar ball winder????? Now that is over the top--the rest make absolute sense to me.
For Myfanwe's bustlines--Do you have Nordstrom in Chicago? I'm a plump one myself and they do very well by me. Person fitting (by a person the size of a #2 pencil, of course) without any attitude, only the desire to please. I find them very helpful with brands that are not necessarily available in other stores.
That said, the rest of your desires will come to you--at some point. As you said, you are a very blessed man.

Tracy said...

Is two hours out of the city too far??? I'll get some chickens if you promise to come and bake. I only have a 4 burner cook top...sigh, but you can stand on three sides of it, plus I have double ovens. Are those tweaks to your dreams tempting enough???

Anonymous said...
I've heard good things about this place. The Bra Wizard is a real person who perhaps could help Myfanwe out a bit by email.
HTH with one of your wants - and in all seriousness, for Myfanwe, needs.
Take care,