Wednesday, October 03, 2007


...At Least for Now.

I dutifully tinked back three rows of lace. I began, apprehensively at first, to move forward. And again the right hand needle slipped out of the stitches like...well, I'm not going to tell you like what. The reference that comes to mind involves Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and this is a family

Anyway. This time I was sort of expecting it and I managed to regain my position without loosing any ground. I finished the row and I put a lifeline in place. Whew.

That pitfall has been avoided, but it is clear to me that the piece has gotten to a point where the weight of the fabric is not liking the lace needles. I'm afraid, however, to switch, mid-project, to something less slippery -- say, bamboo -- for fear of screwing up my gauge.

It's funny -- when I WANT the yarn to move, such as onto the circular needle to be knit, it resists like a 10-year-old boy being dragged towards bath water. When I DON'T want the yarn to move, it suddenly starts doing the macarena. (Let me say, though, that I LOVE this yarn. It has a natural luster that just can't be described.) Any suggestions?


Susan said...

What yarn are you using for the Swallowtail?

Aidan said...

I'm using the ColourMart 100% silk 4 ply lace weight. In a lovely, elegant silver.

I have 2 cones of this -- I was thinking of knitting a shawl as an engagement present for a friend. Maybe Birch or Flower Basket. Although I wonder if a stole shape would distribute the weight differently on the needles and prevent dissertions like this. Of course different doesn't always mean good. It could change it for the worse.

Susan said...

I've got an Alpine (I call if the Albatross) stole (from VLT) on the needles, and I'm having similar problems.

I've never knit with ColourMart silk. I'm using Sundara lace weight silk, and it's incredibly slippery. My needles are Addi Turbos (but not lace Addis). I wonder if wood needles would work better.

Cherice said...

I have no suggestions other than I would be afraid to change needles mid project for the same reason. I am terrible lazy about lifelines and I've said my share of colorful words because of my laziness.

I got my ravelry invite today (SockWeightMom), any suggestions? I only have a few minutes to play there this morning as a kindergarten teacher is expecting my help in an hour. But I'd love any insights you have!!

(oh, and a while back I said I'd send you pressure cooker recipes, my sister was no help, she said she just reads the directions to hers. Mine I only cook rice far)

Diane said...

My suggestion is to stay with the same needles and knit behind closed doors where your swearing won't scar Norbert for life.

Pearls Mother said...

You could change to bamboo nedles as any slight change in tension would be dealt with at wash then blocking stage.

Shells said...

I agree with pearls mother, I think with lace, any slight change would be well taken care of by the time it is washed and blocked. 'Tis better to block it with a slightly different gauge than to feel blocked by it!

Barbara said...

In reference to your post about wanting an expensive ball-winder...(sorry, I'm a little slow on the uptake)

That's not an expensive ball-winder. THIS is an expensive ball-winder!

Just so's ya know. The one you chose is a bargain! Buy two! :-)