Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can I Get a Woop Woop?

Emmdy, my new Friend from Ravelry, has taken the initiative...she not only Friended me, but I guess you could say she Friended you! She wrote me (and, in a way, you) a note:

Hi there!

I just read your blog post about friends on Ravelry - I really like your approach to trying to get to know people beyond just clicking the "Add to my Friends" button.

So, in the spirit of your post, I'm not just adding you to my friends tonight, I'm telling you a little bit about me so you don't have to wonder who this crazy person adding you to their friends list is. ;-)

We've actually met very briefly once, about a year ago at Franklin's Dulaan gathering (Don't worry, I don't expect you'd remember me!). I still think about the mac and cheese you made. I'm a composer and college professor here in Chicago. I'm married to a fabulous guy who does most of the cooking in our relationship and who only occasionally questions the state of the yarn stash. We have a slightly neurotic but totally awesome border collie named Jake. When I'm not teaching/composing/performing (I'm also a French horn player), I'm knitting (of course), watching independent movies and documentaries, and occasionally embracing my inner rock goddess by going out and singing karaoke.

Yikes. Hope that wasn't more than you wanted to know. ;-)

See you around the Rav! Emmdy

Doesn't she sound lovely?

Someday, when I've won the kabillion dollar lottery and bought my little island off the coast of Scotland, I'm going to invite Emmdy to my knitting weekends...and ask her to bring the tunes. I'm not sure if karaoke fits in with my dreams of firesides and teapots, but I bet you can come up with a few Clevinger recordings...maybe the Mozart four horn concertos?

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"Emmdy"/Michelle said...

I'll totally bring the tunes. I've got some Clevinger...and, if you're really feeling retro, some Dennis Brain!