Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hello. My name is Aidan, and I like snow.

In fact, I am happiest when there is a foot and a half of snow on the ground. Nothing is as certain to raise my spirits as a meteorologist's prediction of a blizzard. I become almost giddy.

Living in the city, as I do, one must learn to live with a certain amount of noise -- traffic, people, sirens, car alarms. I've learned to block out background noise to a certain extent.

But there is this moment, when it is snowing. I turn off all the lights in the front of our condo and I stand in the sun room and I watch the snow fall, illuminated from behind by the street lights. I open the window -- cold though it may be -- and I listen to the sound of the snow. I can't describe it well, but it sounds like peace. And I will stand in that sun room for the longest time, watching the sparkling snow fall, listening to the quiet is as close to magic as I have experienced.

So as others dread the oncoming winter, as others bemoan the drop in temperatures, as local news anchors scream into the camera "Oh, No! It's going to SNOW! We're all going to die!" Well, you will find me standing in the dark in my sun room, expectant.


Cheryl, the jungian Knitter said...

The first flakes of the season blew in yesterday here in mid-coast Maine -- and I was delighted. They didn't stick but I know it won;t be long now before I can grab my sweetie and we can go for a walk in the silence of falling snow. Yay winter!

Leslie said...

I like your blog, I admire & envy you your profession and I covet your lace knitting abilities. But you are C.R.A.Z.Y. - no, you just are a city dweller who takes mass transit.

I travel 34 miles one way on a road not made for the amount of traffic it gets. Those 34 miles are poorly maintained for half the distance when it snows. I fear/hate snow. (notice they are both 4 letter words about a 4 letter word...)

As long as we are all safe I guess it doesn't matter, but I'd rather do without:) Enjoy your weather but don't send it east, ok?

Karen E. said...

Few things make me as happy as the first snowfall. Sadly, we get few oppportunities to shovel here in eastern Kansas. I long for the days when I'd step off the front porch and go past my knees in snow. I do miss the Chicago area sometimes....

soxanne said...

I love snow too - and while I'm happy for you I'm very sad that your storm missed us in Minneapolis/Saint Paul...enjoy!

Aidan said...

Dearest Soxanne:

Alas, no such storm has hit the Chicago least not yet. My posting was written out of yearning, rather than immediate experience.

I have always envied you 'Sotans for your lovely weather. Send it our way, please.

Sue said...

Oh, Aidan, you can have my share of the snow! I like it if I can just sit inside all toasty warm and look at it, especially while it is still coming down and is still white. Although I don't mind driving in it, I do worry about driving with all of those other people who aren't comfortable driving in it. And I want nothing to do with walking in it or shoveling it. I'm happy to have a garage and pay some nice man to come an plow/shovel.
I just finished planting over 100 daffodil and tulip bulbs -- bring on spring!!

SabrinaJL said...

I'm right there with ya on the snow love. Unfortunately, I just moved from New Mexico (where it does snow) to San Diego, CA (where it does not). I hate San Diego.

Someone linked to your blog from Ravelry, which is definitely awesome. Ravelry, that is. Although, I'm sure you're blog is pretty awesome too.

Aidan said...

My wife walked into the room the other day and said "It's snowing. Shut up."