Tuesday, September 02, 2008


While it is a given that regular readers here do not need to be encouraged to

  • covet yarn,
  • gamble irresponsibly,
  • hoard yarn,
  • support a good cause,
  • NEED yarn,
  • read a knitting blog, or
  • want more yarn.
Well, Kristy has a way for you to do all of the above. But before you read her blog, know this: 100% of the funds Kristy raises goes to support the project run by my Beloved Myfanwe providing free civil legal assistance to people living with HIV or AIDS.

Now, go see Kristy and buy some raffel tickets. Or she'll sick her Wieners on you!

P.S. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the link to Kristy's blog with your fiber friends!
P.P.S. I am completely covetous of the Intention yarns. I like making knitting a prayerful experience, and that just seems like such an incredible way to do it!
P.P.P.S. I love how Kristy decorated her wall! I'd love to have enough lace yarn to do that!

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