Monday, September 01, 2008


Sarah Palin knew that her 17-year-old, unmarried daughter was pregnant when she made the decision to run for Vice-President.

Think about that.

No matter what happened, everyone in the State of Alaska was going to know that the unmarried, 17-year-old daughter of the Governor had, despite Alaska's abstinence-only curriculum (supported by her mother) and her mother's self-righteousness, been spreading it around the Yukon.


Apparently the McCain campaign knew about the pregnancy before offering Palin the VP slot. (Hard to believe.) It is also being reported by the Associated Press that they released the information on the unplanned pregnancy to dispel rumors that Sarah Palin's 4 month old son was really the illegitimate offspring of her 17-year old.

Sarah Palin sacrificed her daughter's dignity and privacy for her own ambition. She is THE WORST MOTHER IN THE EFFING WORLD, EVER.

John McCain's campaign put out a press release announcing the pregnancy, and in it said "
Senator McCain's view is this is a private family matter." Well then why did they put out a press release?

It seems that there are several roads to stupid and the McCain campaign is determined to take all of them.
I just wish they wouldn't take them all on one day. It's giving me a headache.


Chicago Jen said...

Amen, Brother!

anne marie in philly said...

I think the other shoe has not dropped yet...

such hypocrites! a 17 year old has no business getting married, much less getting pregnant. I see a divorce in a year's time...

and the GOP thought clinton's BJ was's a walk in the park compared to THIS!

Diane said...

Guess that whole abstinence thing didn't work out for her. And seriously at 17 this child is ready for the responsibilities of being a mother and a wife? I've had 4 17 yr olds and no matter how mature they are they are not ready for adulthood.

Angry Professor said...

Preach on!

I'm afraid for my country.

Anonymous said...

When has there ever been a 17 year old that has never gotten pregnant before marriage in a family?? I am sure that you do not know the inside details of her family discussions, and it could be that she had permission from her daughter before she decided to accept the candidacy after the full consequences were explained to her daughter. In addition, in this day and age, what law states that you cannot make a life decision to have a child at the age of 17, take care of it yourself and still live happily ever after. I think that she did not intend on doing that, but why can't you decide to have a child, raise it on your own without the help of any other people? I fyou are going to raise the moral stick, think about free choice, and the free choice to run your life however you choose.

Aidan said...

Dear DumbAss Anonymous:

While I normally don't post anonymous comments -- if you won't sign it, I don't see why I should post it -- I wanted to turn this into a teaching moment.

SARAH PALIN is the worst mother in the effing world ever.

I don't care that her daughter got pregnant at 17. That isn't what I wrote, and, while unplanned teen pregnancy is not optimal, it isn't what upset me.

Sarah Palin's decision to run for VP, knowing that it would humiliate her daugher, is abhorant to me. And don't even think of throwing that "If she were a man, you wouldn't be saying this" crap at me, either. If Sarah Palin were a man she wouldn't have been chosen for the ticket.

And next time sign your name.

Anonymous said...

You know, I hadn't thought of it that way, but now that you point it out, I can't seem to shake it. You're right! It didn't seem like a big deal until I put myself in Palin's shoes and tried to picture myself setting my impressionable 17-year-old up for Britney, Part II, I just shuddered.

And I second what Diane said: So much for "abstinence" and no sex ed in school.


Keryl Raist said...

Hmmm... Mom lets the whole world know you got knocked up at 17 (the alternative of which is Mom turns down the best job she's ever going to get because you messed up. Talk about a massive guilt trip to put on a kid. Or do you assume that the little Palins wouldn't know that mom had been offered the job, and why she'd turned it down?)

Let's talk really bad moms. Mom stuck you in a hot frying pan leaving you disfigured with second and third degree burns over fifty percent of your body. Or Mom lets her boyfriend rape you because she doesn't want to lose him. Or Mom belongs to a religion that thinks it's just dandy to marry you off without your consent at the age of 14. On that theme, how about Mom lets Dad and Brother 'honor kill' you because you dare to date outside your faith. How about Mom's an addict leaving your ten year old self home alone to raise your younger brothers and sisters because she's out trying to score?

I think you've got a somewhat warped view of what counts as worst effing mother on earth.

Aidan said...


Great name. Very original. I like that.

As to your comments, Dog bless America. I'm entitled to my opinion. And if you are too blind to see what a terrible effing mother she is, well, I'm a Democrat and we, unlike that other party, don't demonize everyone who disagrees with us. So you go on thinking she's fine and dandy and I won't call into question your patriotism or try to smear you based on the color of your skin, your religious affiliation, or make fun of you because you have a funny name. You'll be absolutely dead wrong and probably be the butt of jokes to everyone who knows you, but that's ok, too. I can live with that if you can.

Sarah Palin is a terrible mother, a shameless liar, a demagogue who thinks she can get away with saying any lie she can pull out of her ass because she thinks Americans are too stupid to know the difference between truth and lie. She's a nutcake far too dangerous to trust with Launch Codes. She represents a lunatic fringe far from the mainstream of Americans. (If you don't believe me, well over 70% of Americans support the right to an abortion for victims of rape and incest.) She is a very, very bad choice for America. If you don't like it, well, I'm sorry. Take your readership elsewhere and I'll just have to learn to live with the decline in readership. Please don't let the door hit you on your way out.

But again, lovely name.