Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Am an 80-Year-Old Woman

A brief description of dining out last evening:

We decided to go to a restaurant we loved 20 years ago -- the same restaurant, in fact, where our wedding reception was held.

It is no longer there. Apparently it hasn't been for some time.

So we re-grouped and chose another restaurant, The Bagel, because we knew it had parking.

I ordered the Mish Mosh -- a half-gallon-sized bowl of chicken soup with matzo ball, kreplach, rice, noodles and kasha -- and hot tea. I commented on the fiber content of kasha.

I re-used the tea bag three times, ate only an eighth of my soup, and took the rest home, commenting that I could get two meals out of the leftovers.

As we got back into the car, I commented on how I hoped to get home and into my pajamas before the news came on.


Cheri said...

Your evening sounds perfect (does this mean that I too, am an 80 year old woman?).

Anonymous said...

Was the music maybe a little loud?

Sue said...

The title of your blog today cracked me up -- today is my mother's 80th birthday!

Isn't comfort food a wonderful thing??!?!

Angry Professor said...

You're my mother-in-law!