Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am on row 28 of the final 32 rows of the Lilac Leaf Shawl. It has been such a pleasure to knit.

So regardless of how bad work is tomorrow, I know I can finish 4 rows and put this baby aside until the weekend, when I can set aside a block of time to kitchener the two pieces together.

Something nice happened to me today. I entered my name for a chance to win an iPod Touch from a vendor who offered it as a way to get people to come look at their software.

I won!

I don't have it yet -- the vendor will bring it to me next Wednesday -- which gives me time to figure out what exactly an iPod Touch does. (I love my video iPod. Do you think I will like this?)


Cheri said...

I think you will love the Ipod touch. My hubby has been looking at them, some of his co-workers have them (or something along those lines). My oldest son thinks that the ipod touch is the greatest thing in the world. Congratulations and enjoy your new toy!

And I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your Lilac Leaf Shawl. Reading your review of knitting it makes me want to cast on. And Madli's Shawl is a wonderful next project I think.

Susan said...

Betch Norbert will

blueyed wench said...

I am so jealous!!! Congrats on the ipod touch. I never win anything :(

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the win! If you love your iPod video, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the iPod Touch.

It basically does everything an iPhone does but take pictures & work as a phone without a monthly service charge. If you travel and there is wifi, you can use it to check personal email, directions/maps, find restaurants, read blogs, chat on ravelry, etc. Plus, you can sync contacts on calendars AND update them on your iPod Touch.

You can still watch videos/movies on the touch. I LOVE mine.

Good luck finishing with the kitchener!