Thursday, April 16, 2009



I have changed my mind. I decided I don't like nupps enough to knit the Madli Shawl. At least not this month. So I cast on the Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf instead. (It's for someone special, but I'm not going to say whom that might be.) I'm knitting it in a lovely augergine colored merino.

While looking for a picture of the scarf on the interwebs, I happened upon Miss Alice Faye's recently completed project. The picture is hers.

If you haven't heard of Miss Alice Faye, please, please, please stop by her blog and look through it. She is an amazingly talented knitter. Her lace is the standard by which all other lace should be judged. I am in awe of her. I kind of have a knitters crush on her. If I were to run into her at a fiber event I'd probably stutter and stammer and blurt out words that don't string together. She's a Sorceress.

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anne marie in philly said...

there are no words in the english language adequate enough to describe that delicious orange creamsicle lace shawl.

so I won't even try.