Monday, September 14, 2009


Knitting at the seaside.

Grafton Street - one of my favorite places in Dublin. I didn't buy much, but the street was welcoming and vital and a wonderful place to watch people.

This is the best pastry I had in apple tart served -- of all places -- in the tea shop at the Newgrange/Boyne Valley visitors center. I never passed up an opportunity to sit down and have a pot of tea!

I couldn't help but think of my sock knitting comrades back in the States! I now have visions of 75 knitters rushing to the interwebs looking for transparent Converse sneakers/trainers!

Norbert took this picture of me knitting at Malehide Castle. I felt very much at home, knitting there. If anyone has a castle they aren't using, let me know. I'll go and knit there.

Myfanwe and I both fell in love. We both want to go back. Now. And every day away is just a little sad.


The holidays have snuck up on me. I have four days to plan and prepare Rosh Hashanah dinner. My house looks like we are housing the Jodes for the summer.

How long should a generous rectangular shawl be? Really. I need to know.

[Editor's Note: Norbert fell in love with Ireland as well. I apologize for the omission. In addition, he deserves an award for being a real trouper. He is really quite pleasant to travel with. We are, as ever, eternally grateful that G-d gave us Norbert!]


TA said...

Welcome back!

My rule of thumb for a shawl or scarf is that they need to be at least as long as the recipient is tall. If you are going for a "dramatic" look: thier hight plus a foot or two. I endeavor to knit for very short people.

Moorecat said...

As long as the wearer is tall, which is the same as their wingspan - usually.

If in doubt, go more :)

anne marie in philly said...

wingspan for shawl.

l'shauna tovah to you and your family!

Susan said...

Wingspan and a half (for me)allows for drape across the back and a dramatic toss over the shoulder.
Don't you find there are just some places that you "belong?" The same thing happens to me when I am in Wales. The mystical tie that binds us to our heritage.....whether we knew it or not.

Norbert said...

What about me? I fell in love with Dublin too!