Saturday, September 05, 2009

IT TAKES A VILLAGE! knit a shawl!

SO, my friend, Cheri, needs some knitting help. Knitting MATH help. And, really, when maths rears it's ugly head, I become that simpering Barbie Doll from the 1980's, whispering in my breathiest baby doll voice, "Math is hard!"

Could you please read the comments to this post and see if you can come up with the answer? I tried, but the answer I came up with -- Eskimo Pie -- didn't sound right to me.

The winner gets a gold star!

[note: edited to include the link. I am such a doofus sometimes!]


Anonymous said...

Wait, is there a link missing? I wanna try more knitting math; it's fun!

Susan said...

Ummm is there a link missing to the question?

Leslie said...

Is it me or is there no live link to your friend Cheri's post?

Otherwise, the answer is 42 of course :)

Cheri said...

Thank you dear Aidan. Methinks I may just cast on the shawl for the width and repeats that I desire and when it comes to the scary math I'll knit and hope that the edges lay nicely and don't pull or ruffle. (In part because at this point I don't even know if my questions make sense anymore!!). That said I'll be curious to see if anyone can figure out my math issue.

Funny the answer I came up with was Banana Cream Pie....

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheri, I have a couple of questions before you forge ahead! I may be able to help you a little if it's not too late!

FIrst, how many stitches are in a repeat, and second, how many stitches on the edging? :D

Also, for both you and Aidan... if it helps at all, I trick my brain by telling myself it's a logic problem instead. Logic, I can deal with! :D I blame our country's fear of math on bad Algebra textbooks that don't explain why math is the way it is. Sigh.

Cheri said...

There are 21 stitches in the repeat (the shawl as I will knit it will have 90 stitches) there are a multiple of 10 + 1 in the edging repeat. My question is that as the pattern is written that you have 69 stitches when you get to the edging and you increase 22 stitches for an ending number of 91...well if I have 90 stitches can I just increase 1 or do I need to add a certain number more to get the edging to lay right?
I don't really fear math (if I can figure it out!) Thanks!!

=Tamar said...

Adding 22 stitches to a 69 stitch width is adding a lot of width all at once. Just adding 1 stitch won't give the same effect. You need to add the whole 22, and maybe even another 7 or so (using the add-one-every-three formula), to get the same proportions. So the edging will also increase. Assuming my math is right and you add another 7 stitches for a total of 29 added, you end up with, um, 90+29=119.
The edging repeat being 10x+1, you may have to fudge it a little.
10x11=121. 10x10=100. 121 is closer to 119. 10x11,+1 = 122, so you need to add another 3 stitches besides the 29, to get an even repeat for the edging. Those 3 could be added anytime. If the pattern lets you add one in the middle, then one middle and one at each edge will do it.
Good luck, and always use a lifeline.

Cheri said... echoed my thoughts exactly. It just didn't feel right to plan on adding a single stitch when the increase was so dramatic in the original pattern. Thank you so much for the help (and yes a lifeline is a lifesaver).