Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

May the New Year be filled with joy, prosperity, and laughter for you and those you hold dear.

The Gang with the bones of a lovely meal.
From l to r: Babu, George, Bahb, Maxine, Norbert, Myfanwe, & Penelope.

Myfanwe, Norbert and I started off the New Year with dim sum with our friends Bahb and Babu, their daughter, George, and her partner, Maxine, and the lovely Dr. Penelope. Myfanwe was awed when she learned Dr. Penelope's daughter has been on several episodes of the various Law & Order shows. (Myfanwe is a bit of an L&O addict.) We had some lovely dim sum at Furama -- I am particularly fond of their fresh silken tofu with brown sugar sauce, curried baby octapus, and picled vegetables. I tried their coconut jelly for the first time and wish I'd had more -- there is very little one could do with a coconut that wouldn't please me!

Aren't they lovely? George is in her first year of law school in St. Louis, while Maxine is completing her residency. In a stroke of good fortune, Maxine got her fellowship match and she will be spending the next three or four years in an GYN-oncology fellowship in St. Louis! The have good reason to smile. (We have friends who are going to spend the next three years with one in Houston and one in North Carolina.)

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