Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have accepted a position at a new firm. It is a good firm with a decent reputation and a stable and abundant client base. The people are pleasant and the work will be challenging and allow me to grow in many ways professionally.

That said, this wonderful news is bittersweet.

I know I should be dancing for joy, but I am still grieving many things. I will no longer be working with or for the partner I have come to hold in great esteem. I will be working longer hours and see less of Norbert because of it. My vacation time will be cut in half. All these things make me very sad.

As ungrateful as I sound, I am trying my best to get past the grieving stage and move towards acceptance. If it takes me a little while to get there, please forgive me.

Thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts, prayers, meditation, creative visualization, etc. my way. You are all really wonderful people and my life is richer for having you.


Sarah HB said...


I understand what you are saying...I am in the midst of changing jobs that although I get more vacation, the hours will be longer until I can sell the house and move closer, which cuts into time with my winkies!

Best of luck in the transition!

Kate A. said...

Let us rejoice indeed! Employed is better than unemployed. If it becomes intolerable though, even if only because of the time issue, then you can always change jobs...but it's much easier and healthier to find a new job while you still have one, so you're still much better off!

I hope it turns out to be wonderful, though - you never know how things may develop!

Angie said...

Hang in there Adian, I just did the same thing in July/August. I understand the Bittersweet 1000%

hugs said...

I hope you can find peace and comfort in this change. You will find ways to make time with Norbert, even if it hurts. That's because you're a good man and good men don't come along often.

Anonymous said...

Lurking for a long time and I always enjoy your posts. I am thrilled to read of your new job! It's difficult to deal with upheaval but thank goodness you're not dealing with the unemployment line, you know? So congratulations! I have a feeling you're going to love it with time.

CC Mary

Diane said...

Congrats on your new position. Losing vacation time and longers hours will definately be an adjustment for all.

Leslie said...

As said above, it's easier to find a new job while you aleady have one. Trust me on this - I was working temp for 16 months... And if the patner lands in a place he can take you, won't he call? There's no shame in leaving a job for a better one.