Monday, December 17, 2007

Borders Sucks

So -- I thought I was being soooooooo smart. Sue Said, one of my beloved readers, suggested Barbara Abbey's Knitted Lace as a resource for planning the border of my cashmere shawl. (I know -- I should have planned it before I started it...shut up.) Sue Said mentioned I could order it from Schoolhouse Press. I didn't want to pay for shipping, and the one thing I ordered from Schoolhouse took absolutely forever to arrive...which is funny, 'cuz Wisconsin is just up the road, so to speak.

Anyway, having checked a few web sites, I decided to order the book from Borders, because I could pick it up in the store and not pay for shipping. (And I always have coupons, so I could save some money!)

BIG MISTAKE. Borders sucks.

Today I called to see if they could tell me when they thought the book would come in, and, after getting passed around a few times, I was told by the woman who does the ordering that she had determined last week that she couldn't order the book and had canceled the order. But hadn't calle me or e-mailed me or written me a letter or any of the other things that might have been confused for customer service. Her response? "Sorry. We're busy."

BORDERS SUCKS! had the book. I ordered it. Their postage wasn't bad and they ship pretty quickly. But don't forget...Borders sucks. If there is a lesson to be learned from this experience, it would have to be that Borders sucks.


Cherice said...

Um, are you supposed to plan the border before you start something? (I'm not so good about that planning ahead thing).

I'm pretty underwhelmed by Borders. The greatest bookstore in my opinion would be the Tattered Cover in Denver, quite a lovely place.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Borders Sucks. I would blame the lady though not Borders. The lady sucks!!! ;-)


Joanne said...

I agree. Borders sucks. Even more so here in Australia. They don't have a searchable database and don't take orders. You want something, you have to go into the shop and look for it. I now buy my book at Angus & Roberts or Dymmocks (Oz Bookshops) or the independents.

Vanessa said...

I had the same experience a while back with an order at the Borders store here in Champaign. It was summer, and they weren't particularly busy.

Vanessa said...

I had the same experience here at the Champaign, Illinois Borders. It was summer, and they weren't particularly busy.

Anonymous said...

-I would blame Borders and the Lady.
The two suck.
The company is an ambiguous load of crap towards their customers as well as employees. There is NO transperency or honesty in communication obvious by your experience [you are not alone-it's too common]
Barnes and Noble is far better and much more worthwhile for its excellent customer service and great layout.
Borders-well what can you say it's lower quality than Walmart.