Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Day Eleventy-Three

...Or So It Seems.

The counters were delivered and installed. Installation was complicated, interesting, and took a long time.

This is what my kitchen looks like:

Look at this counter. 4 inches deeper than normal counters -- for rolling out pastry and kneading breads.

I've had about an hour to do a little clean up and to move the important things in ... the coffee maker, the coffee grinder, and the tea kettle.

You remember Bella, don't you?

The plumber will be here tomorrow to 1) connect the washer and dryer, 2) connect the sink, 3) install the garbage disposal, 4) install the faucet, 5) install the ice maker in the new fridge (pictured below), 6) connect Dear Bella.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts and prayers for Dennis. He's doing great. Of course, that may be because they didn't do the surgery. Long story short, he's been rescheduled for next Wednesday.

It's been a long, tiring day. I'm going to bed. But here's another picture to help you though the night.


Sam said...

So pretty! Congratulations, I am particularly envious of Bella. Can't wait to see some serious bread making, courtesy of the "supercounters" ;)

Leslie said...

I'm kvelling here, drooling into my coffee cup, feeling so incredibly depressed over my little bitty inadequate kitchen. Good for you! It's gorgeous. Many you make thousands of grand Shabbat dinners there.

I'll continue to throw some good words for Dennis to the powers that matter.

Sarah said...

Looks absolutely gorgous. I am totally drooling over Bella.

Yum..hope all goes well next week with Dennis.

Alice Teresa said...

Look at all that counter space! I'm so jealous.

On other topics, I'll keep Dennis in my thoughts and prayers, Aidan... both of you hang in there. Does the rescheduling mean you will have time to recover from your bronchitis and be able to go see him?

anne marie in philly said...

I can't wait to see side-by-side comparisons of the "before and after" kitchen.

it's coming together for you, aidan!

sending dennis good karma too.

Cheri said...

Your new kitchen is beautiful may it bring you many many years of happiness.

Keeping Dennis (and your family) in my prayers. I hope you're better when he has the surgery so you can visit him.

Sue said...

Poor Dennis, having to wait this out.

The kitchen is magnificent -- can't wait to see the finished product!