Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The counters are being installed as I write. It smells like airplane's like being in high school ... Anyway, I've had a little glimpse, and the counters are prettier than I imagined.

AND Ron, the Greatest Carpenter In All the World, is currently making the pantry shelving. Shelving which will incorporate THIS:

More pictures will come as soon as people clear out. Ron, aforementioned Greatest Carpenter in All the World, gave me 2 AA batteries so that I could resume my photo documentation of this project. Dog bless him.

Dennis is in surgery as I write. I'm worried, but every time I start to worry, I try to take a moment and just say a prayer. It is scary.


Leslie said...

Mitzi gets new stuff too? Did you contract for that or did the World's Best Carpenter throw in a freebie? :)

I'm sure dog will hear and answer your prayers for Dennis. I'm sending a couple of your behalf.

oh squeeeeee! I can't wait to see the finished product.

chris said...

I'm adding my prayers for your brother too.

I hope you're feeling better, we've had pneumonia at my house (well, my son has had it) Not much fun.

Can't wait to see your gorgeous new kitchen!