Monday, June 02, 2008

Quick Update

I'm sorry I haven't posted an update. Please pick one of the following (true) excuses:

  • The camera batteries went dead and I can't find the huge box of batteries in this hellhole I call my home.
  • I have developed a fairly debilitating case of bronchitis which is caused by an apparent allergic reaction I have to plaster dust. I cannot breath. I am not exaggerating.
  • My brother Dennis very selfishly decided to add to our angst by discovering a heretofore unknown but life-threatening congenital heart defect which can only be corrected by surgery...currently scheduled for Wednesday morning.
  • I can't go see him before (or possibly after) the surgery because I have a low-grade fever from the bronchitis and I don't want to make him sick. Dr. Maxine said I could go see him if I wore a mask, but that seemed like something my mother or Michael Jackson would do.
But, by way of update, let me tell you what's been happening.

We are painfully close to completing the project. The tile is laid, the drywall up, the cabinets installed, the room plastered and primed. The measurements have been taken for the countertops, which will be installed on Wednesday. The stove is in -- and beautiful -- as is the new fridge.

Still to be done: some minor trim work. The shelving in pantry needs to be put in. I decided to stain it myself, rather than have the shelving painted. (I'm going to stain it the same dark peppercorn color as the cabinets.) The pegboard needs to be hung. And the trim kits for the recessed lighting installed. And the air conditioner needs to be run through the wall. Norbert's room needs some more drywall and trim before they can paint. And we need to have a new lock installed on the back door after the door gets painted.

Oh, and we need about a million dollars worth of house cleaning. Janina, the cleaning lady, comes on Friday...for twice the normal amount of time. And I figure I'll do the same the next Friday. And maybe by then the house will look decent. I'm having our first Shabbat dinner post-construction on the 13th -- the last before Norbert goes to camp for a month. Our friends Nancy, Ben and David are coming. I doubt the house will be totally straightened out by then, but it will be well on the way. Please, Dear Dog, let it be so!

BTW -- my nephew, Sean, called me up as I was on my way home tonight and offered me a free ticket to see Avenue Q with him. I laughed until I cried. It is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen -- and I've seen a lot. I can't sleep, it has me so wired.

But sleep I must. I have to work tomorrow.

I promise to post pictures as soon as the plastic dropcloths are removed from the cabinets and the cardboard protecting the floor are disposed of.

Love, Peace, and Pudding.


Paul said...

Get well wishes to you, good healing vibes for Dennis, and a big dose of energy for your cleaning lady.

Avenue Q is awesome - glad you liked it, it's not for everyone.

Diane said...

Sending best wishes that your brother flies thru surgery and stops trying to upstage you with illnesses. Geeze did he really have to one up you with the whole heart defect thing so you couldn't get full sympathy for your bronshitis? Siblings!