Monday, November 09, 2009

Calling Out to My Seattle Peeps.

I have a lovely niece -- for the purposes of the blog, I think I will call her Newsie -- who is currently a graduate student in Museology at the University of Washington. She is intelligent, articulate, hardworking, thorough, and trustworthy young woman. (She's also funny, talented, clever, mischievous, and cute!) She moved to Seattle in August for school and is still looking for a part-time job. She has experience in a law office setting, a pharmacy, box office, and hospitality (culinary) industry.

If you hear of any openings, could you please forward the postings to me? I'd appreciate it!

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PICAdrienne said...

This would be seasonal, but the big tax firms are all in the gearing up stage for tax season. Has she tried H & R Block, Jackson-Hewitt, and Liberty Tax Service? Another good place to try would be the Trader Joe's in the U-district. They are a good employer.