Saturday, November 21, 2009


OK. I know this must be getting tedious. Once a week I check in with a few words about the Cathedral Window Shawl with no pictures. Well, this is no different.

I managed to get all of the stitches picked back up and have now made it to row 12 of the 24 row repeat. Then I'll knit an eyelet row and do another 24 row repeat. And then I think I will be able to start the 1154 or so rows of edging. And then I will be done.

So, if I stick to the current schedule -- which I rarely, if ever, do -- I will need another 3 weeks before I start the edging.

Edging which, now that I look at it, I have absolutely no idea how to knit. So I should probably figure that out.


Myfanwe and I have been looking in Southwest Michigan for a second home -- a weekend retreat in a greener setting...someplace quiet, with a fireplace. We found the perfect -- the PERFECT house. A 1960's rach backing up onto woods, 200 yards from Lake Michigan, on an acre of land.

We made and offer. Then an improved offer. And we lost it. And it has nearly broken my heart. We are still looking, but I feel like a mourner at each showing.

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Susan said...

Oh, how disappointing for you both.
There is something out there better for you both. Just not meant to be......this time.