Friday, November 13, 2009


I have been working quite diligently on the Cathedral Window Shawl. Earlier this week I executed the next increase to 1152 stitches per row, inserted a lifeline, and began plugging along, knitting happily on the next 49 row repeat.

I was on Row 4


As I was knitting this morning, about 30 stitches slid off the left hand needle. And promptly -- given the taste of freedom -- practically danced out of the constraints of the stitches beneath them.

I had to take the shawl off the needles and rip it back to the lifeline. I now have to pick up all 1152 stitches from the lifeline.


P.S. I'm hoping to have some really exciting news very soon. Cross your fingers! Say a prayer!


Leslie said...

Thanks goodness for lifelines.

And I can't wait for the news - I've been crossed for a few days now and my fingers, wrists and ankles are tired. In fast, I'm so tired I'm cross(ed) :P

anne marie in philly said...

hmmmmmmmmm, wonder what the exciting news is?

sorry to hear about the shawl problems. ran across something like that this summer...I put it aside for 2 months before I picked it back up I am 90% finished!

Pearls Mother said...

yay for the lifeline, sending you good and calming 'picking up stitches' thoughts.
I'll make a pot of herbal tea for support.