Sunday, December 27, 2009


We close on Shell Cottage on Tuesday.

We have packed dishes and pans, sheets and pillows, flatware and utensils, a down comforter and the extra coffeemaker.

We have purchased towels and shampoo, inflatable beds and a dish rack, glassware and dish towels.

You will notice that there isn't a lot of furniture on that list. That would be because we don't have any. Our plan has been, at least for the present time, to sleep on the inflatable beds in our respective bedrooms, then carry them to the living room or family room to lounge -- just until we can afford to purchase more, um, substantial furniture.

Yesterday, however, the phone rang. It was our real estate agent, Jaye -- who is really spectacular, so if you are in the market, you should really use her -- calling to say that the owner's agent had called because the owner was going out to Shell Cottage to get some personal items and wanted to know if it would be ok if she left some of the furniture! I nearly cried.

The only thing we know for certain she is leaving is the dining room set -- which makes us happy because now we can leave the Arts & Crafts set that we bought at an estate sale in our Chicago condo which actually IS Arts & Crafts! (Myfanwe wanted to all along, and I love being able to make her happy!) I would be so happy if the owner were to leave one of the couches. But I shan't get my hopes up. I also love all of the end tables -- they are all old 40's and 50's pieces painted white. But again, I shan't get my hopes up. We will know for sure when we arrive at the cottage for the walk through on Tuesday.

I'm going to bake some cookies for the owner tonight. And maybe some more tomorrow. She's been so very, very good to us and helped to make a long-held dream come true.


sue said...

Good wishes flowing your way that the owner leaves all of the furniture you like! Hope all goes smoothly with the closing.

Leslie said...

I shall hope she leaves most of the furniture! That dining set is quite retro and probably worth more than you think. It's been 20 years since I worked for the second hand dealer but even back then we were buying these and sending to a decorator in Europe for a very pretty penny. And to have a full set of 6 matching chairs if special.

Much luck on the closing going smoothly - but with two legal eagles buying the place it better be :)