Monday, December 14, 2009

Shell Cottage

Tales of the Home Inspection

The inspection didn't go exactly as planned.

As warm as the house looks, it was actually only 32 degrees on the first floor, and colder upstairs. The pilot light had, apparently, been blown out by the sustained 70 mph winds from the mistral two days earlier. To make a long story short, the entire house has been re-plumbed. The house also has a brand new water heater. We are thrilled, although also a little embarrassed that our good fortune comes at the expense of someone else. (Please note, though, that as soon as I save $1,500, I'm putting in a furnace without a pilot light so that this can't happen again!)

So -- the new pictures. (I didn't take as many as I might have, as it was REALLY cold!)

This is a bit of the kitchen -- we plan to put a kitchen cart or island here to hold the microwave and the coffeemaker. I love the framed chalkboard. If the owner were to leave it, I would not cry foul. The same goes for just about every piece of furniture in the house. The owner had a very, very good eye.

This is the living room. The corner on the right -- behind the sofa -- is where the gas stove will eventually go. I haven't decided if it will be centered between the window and the corner, or if it will be angled in the corner. I have time to decide that, though, as I will have to save for quite some time to pay for it. Norbert loves the chaise and seems rather sad that we would somehow let this slip out of our grasp!

This is the dining room, looking towards the living room. The door to Norbert's room can be seen on the right.

Norbert's room. The only color in the house that I am not completely over the moon about, but Norbert thinks it is the very best color ever chosen for a room and that any talk of glazing it or in any way muting it will be met with strong opposition.

This is the third bedroom. Myfanwe calls it The Loft, as it is open to the staircase. We plan to put a futon sofa in here, along with a big old steamer trunk, upon which will sit a small tv/dvd player. We won't have cable or a digital converter, so it will truly be just for videos. And the guest sheets and blankets and pillows can all reside in the trunk when not in use! I meant to buy some lavender this summer to make into sachets. Maybe I'll have to plant some and make my own. Lavender keeps away moths, doesn't it?
I really do love all of the white painted furniture. It is a fairly laborious process, but I expect we will become very adept at painting furniture in the next couple of years!

Please keep your fingers crossed and remember us in your prayers. Everything is going so smoothly -- the loan is in place, etc. -- but all three of us are frightened something will  pop up to crush us. We close on the 29th. Two weeks from tomorrow. I don't know whow we will survive it!

We are going to spend New Years and my birthday at the Cottage. I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

I'm so delighted for you all! It's picture perfect!

Rae said...

shell cottage = great name. on furniture... spray paint is your friend.