Thursday, December 17, 2009


More Tales of the Home Inspection

Yesterday the inspector went to check the house out after the installation of new plumbing and the new hot water heater.

When he got there, the furnace was out. Again.

Thank Bob the temperature had only dropped to 47 degrees, so there was no damage to the plumbing, but the furnace is obviously a big problem.

Last night it looked like we would have to walk away from the house. This morning I was sort of resigned to it. This evening the owner is installing a new furnace and we are paying for half of it.

Shell Cottage will soon be ours. And it has new appliances, new windows, new plumbing, new heating, new floors, and is freshly painted. In 5 years we will put on a new roof, and the place will be so nice we won't know how to act.

Now I can turn my thoughts to varieties of climbing/mounding roses. I want to plant big mounds of roses on either side of the steps so when Myfanwe sits out on the porch in the morning, reading the paper and drinking her coffee, the scent will waft through the screens.

I feel like I have aged 20 years this month. I had no idea the angst that would accompany the search for and purchase of an hermitage. Please say a prayer that we make it through the closing on the 29th without heartbreak or heartache!


Scott said...

If I knew anything about propagating roses I would send you some of the roses that grow by the front door of my 150 year old Cape Cod in Maine. They grow on their own roots and are indestructible. They are a perfect "rose" pink and smell like heaven itself when they are in bloom.

Aidan said...

Scott -- that is exactly what I want! Thank you so much, just for the mental image. Your home in Maine must be glorious.

Anonymous said...

You are destined to have this adorable house, I can sense it in my bones.

As far as roses go, I have a general hazy sense that you want heirlooms and not the hybrids that one usually finds for sale at Home Depot. But there are some crazy rose fanatics on the internet, and I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the direction of the proper varietal!

Susan said...

Love the house it is a gem. I am so happy for you. For sure stay away from the hybrids. I am thinking nice big cabbage roses. You can dry the petals, make rose hip tea, and rose jelly. Hmmm as well as enjoying the beautiful scent.