Sunday, February 28, 2010


We spent the weekend at Shell Cottage, where I was able -- for the first time in weeks -- to have genuine, guilt-free knitting time! And the result?

5.5 rows in 36 hours! That's 6347 stitches! And -- given work demands and the rigors of planning for the bar mitzvah -- I had been averaging half a row a day!

I have 8 rows left before the edging. And I can't begin the (1154 rows) edging until after I learn how to do it. And I won't learn how to do it until April 10th, when I am taking a class on Knitted Lace Edging from Franklin Habit at Loopy Yarns.

So when the body of the shawl is done, I am going to break my "One Project At A Time" rule and cast on a curtain for the front door of Shell Cottage. I have decided to knit Marianne Kinzel's Rose Leaf Curtain (above) in a butter-yellow cotton yarn that will take to starching. Mine will be probably a foot longer than that pictured, but I am going to stick with three repeats of the motif at the bottom. I don't want anything too fussy.


Sarah said...

How beautiful! I think that will look perfect as a curtain. You do amazing work. My daughter loves lace knitting too. I have a difficult time remembering the pattern. I have to have the chart in front of me. Anyway, I'm glad you got to relax for awhile.

m.o.M. said...

I've been a long-time lurker, but I had to come out of "lurkdom" to tell you that that bit of knitting is spectacular!

Mazol Tov to your son!