Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Nervous? Who? Me?

In a comment, Sarah asked if I was nervous.

Why would I be nervous? Because in 16 days I am responsible for three events -- every one larger than our entire wedding party? Naw. because I have 350 pounds of linens to launder and fold before that? Nope. Don't be silly. Because my son has decided that THIS is the best time to start acting like a teenager? Pshaw! Because I haven't made the shopping list for the lunch for 250 that I will need to cook in two weeks? Nuh-uh. Because my father-in-law isn't coming for the dinner Friday night because his harridan of a wife doesn't want him to spend $89 on a hotel room and will, instead, drive 3 hours from home the morning of the bar mitzvah, attend, grab a bite at the luncheon and immediately drive home because -- wait for it -- the dog will be in the car? Nope. Not bothering me in the least. That there will be 40 kids in the synagogue running wild until sundown after the bar mitzvah? I won't blink. That my mother-in-law will be here?

Oh, shit.

Shoot. Me. Now.


Anonymous said...

::HUG!!: You'll get through it wish grace and aplomb and probably a minimum of swearing and oy-vey-ing. I have faith in you. :D

Dragons Knitting Lace said...

Big hugs!! You can do this! At least they aren't staying at your house!!!!

Glad to see you writing again.

Nina said...

Put the inlaws out of your mind! Right this minute :*)

Take a deep breath and remember to savor and enjoy every moment... it will be over in the blink of an eye!

ChiKnitterGuy said...

She sounds like a peach! I wonder why you don't invite her to visit more often?

ChiKnitterGuy said...

she sounds like a peach! I wonder why you don't invite her to visit more often?

Sarah said...

I'm getting heart palpatations hearing about what you have to do! You are incredible! By the way, you should have a job as a writer. I love your style.

Aidan said...

ChiKnitterGuy: My Mother-In-Law and my Father-In-Law's wife are two different people. Neither one of them are low-maintenance!

But, to her defense, my MIL will be here for as long as her grandson wants her to be, even though the hounds of hell try to keep her away!

Sarah -- I bet you say that to all the boys!

Terri said...

Good Luck!!! Too bad you do not live next door. I love washing and folding linens. No, really.