Monday, October 25, 2010

Woe is Me.

I spent a bit of time with a surgeon today.  

What I thought was lingering tendinitis turns out to be an ulnar variance resulting in a tear of the triangular fibrocartilage.  As comforting as that may sound, fibrocartilage does not have anything to do with fiber.  At least not in the positive sense.  It will, however, keep me from playing with fiber.  For a while.

Today they filled my joint full of a steroid to get rid of the inflammation.  This hurts like a futhermucker, which give me something to look forward to in 2 weeks when I go for another round.  (Have I ever mentioned that I don't like needles and that I am a big baby and that I hate needles?)  In 4 weeks I will go in and if it's clear, they will set me for surgery to repair the tear and to shorten the ulna by 4 mm.  Hopefully I will have it before the end of the year, because the New Year brings with it New Deductible, New Insurance, and a New HSA account which will have Zero dollars in it.  Oh, woe is me.


Susan said...

OH no! Poor you! I shudder to think how my composure would suffer if I couldn't knit.
I eat an apple a day and have for years. Good for the body and mind. I am kind of partial to Royal Gala's.

Bob & Phyllis said...

OW!! owieowowowow!!!! Hope you heal fast.

Talk to your surgeon/doctor about the insurance constraints. Most of them are very willing to work with that if the medical circumstances allow.

lkfbruins2 said...

Feel better soon!

Ted said...


I was going to ask for the recipe for apple cake, but looking at this picture, I'm thinking it would be awful for you to do much typing.

Buy Margaret Stove's book. Really.