Friday, December 30, 2005

The End of 2005.

Kindergarten -- 1969 Posted by Picasa

I came across this photo while looking for another picture on my computer.

The memory that accompanies this photo is a precious one. My parents had separated and were in the process of a very bitter divorce and custody battle. My mom had moved out, and my dad was, I know now, struggling under the responsibilities of working full time and managing four boys -- one with special needs and another just starting kindergarten.

The day before picture day -- my first -- I was insistent that the only shirt I wanted to wear was the shirt in the picture. Unfortunately, the shirt was dirty, and this was before wash and wear fabrics -- it would need to be washed, dried, starched and ironed before I could wear it, and it wasn't likely to happen in time.

My brother Mark, who would love fore people to think he is a big, bad mofo, stayed up late washing and drying the shirt. He then rose early and ironed it. I can still feel the warm fabric slipping onto my arms and smell the fresh scent.

Mark is an incredible person. For more than a decade he cared for our father who had had several strokes. When our mother became ill, he and his wife went above and beyond the call of duty for her -- especially given the 35 years of distance in their relationship. Mark has a highly developed sense of duty and loyalty.

It might sound sappy, but in the New Year, I resolve to be more like Mark.

May 2006 be filled with Joy and Blessings.

And pudding. Pudding is good too. Joy, Blessings and pudding.


boobookittyfug said...

What an adorable little boy you were. 1969 is the year I graduated from Bowen HS. You think you have a strange beginning to a blog -- go see mine --

knitfriendly said...

That is such a precious story. Your brother sounds like a very special person. Your resolution is the first heart-felt one that I have read! Happy Knitting and happy new year.

Allan said...

I resolve to be more like your brother too.