Sunday, January 21, 2007


Ever since a friend of mine "bought" a designer in the mid-90's, I've followed fashion weeks in the various fashion centers with interest. I particularly keep my eye out for interesting or promising knitwear for men.

Or really ugly knitwear.

Milan fashion week gave me lots of the latter, but very little of the former.

I'm not sure what Byblos was going for when he designed this, but it's like he was costuming a musical adaptation of a cross between Spamalot and Barbarella. It's a white, knit balaclava with a brim and a breasplate.

Roen's Fall/Winter collection brought us this which, despite the frilly cuffs, is my favorite piece to come out Milan this year. The proportions are fresh,the oversized sillouette is in sharp contrast to many designers who seem to be throwing clothes on models that are 2 sizes too small. And, while I generally prefer to wear black and grey, the earthy brown is easy on the eyes.

If Romeo Gigli is to be believed, this is the year of the bucket hat.

Well, you GO, Girl. Get down with your bad self. Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon... And they say drag is dead.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with knitwear, but what, for the love of Dog, was Byblos thinking? From the front the model looks like a pudgy investment banker in a bulletproof vest, from the back he looks like a nelly cop with a patent leather purse. (Though I assume he's on his way to the market, with such a big basket.) And what, praytell, could those buttons be for? A braille map to his erogenous zones? I think the designer had some personal skore to settle with the model, 'cuz you have to work pretty hard to make a muffin like this look so fat.

Let me end on a positive note.

I don't really know what Dolce & Gabbana are selling here, but I don't doubt there are a lot of willing buyers.


tentenknits said...

hi, new to your blog, via Franklin's... those runway shots are hilarious! that first one reminds me of a Star Wars storm trooper.. honestly how do they come up with that and then think it's a Good Idea?

mc78 said...

I imagine you've seen the men's leggings featured prominently on the runway this season. I understand some of them are knit. Shudder.